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Frequently Asked Question

Call the customer care no: +91 99300 23600. Time : 9AM to 6PM

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology which enhances the user’s reality view by superimposing digital information in the form of images, videos and 3D objects. This additional layer of digital information is imposed and displayed through the use of a visual output display, which is often in the form of a smartphone/tablet or a similar device. As a result, the user’s immediate environment is augmented and enhanced.

Yes. It’s safe as it is completely offline & it’s under parental guidance.

No, internet is only required during the one time registration and OTP verification process, and for individual content / theme download. Once the registration is done and the theme/content is downloaded it can be played offline too*.

Android 6.0(Android Marshmallow) and above & iOS 11 and above.

No. The access of the content is limited to only to the mobile number(s) registered with GENIONS. One would require a registered mobile number and the SMART PAD to access the complete features.

Please contact the support team at +91 99300 23600 for further assistance.

Please contact the support team at +91 99300 23600 for further assistance.

Please make sure that:

• You have sufficient storage space on your Mobile/Tablet.

• And it runs the iOS or Android versions mentioned above.

• Your Android/iPhone OS are up-to-date.

• You have downloaded the latest version of our app.

• Your smartphone is not running out of RAM due to many applications running simultaneously.

• Your smartphone's camera is focused, and there is sufficient light on the SMART PAD (not too dark/too bright).

• Kill the app and re-open it. Go to Setting > Application > App Name and set all options in the Permission section to ON (camera, storage, telephone, etc).

• Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and Clear Cache and Clear Data, or use Clean Master/similar app to clean your phone's storage and RAM.

• If the problem persists please contact our support team at +91 99300 23600 for further assistance

Minimum of 2 GB of RAM is required to run the GENIONS app smoothly.

No. You can only install the Genions AR App in a Mobile/Tablets running on iOS or Android platform.

The Genions AR learning App will help by providing a real-life experience along with an interactive learning environment, where children can actively participate in the lessons, irrespective of their physical location. It will also bring abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life making it easy to understand and remember.

Open the GENIONS Augmented Reality App, place the SMART PAD in front of the camera. Then hold the Mobile or Tablet horizontally to see the best AR output. Also make sure the place has proper light sources (so the camera can scan the SMART PAD). If there is dim or low light the camera will fail to scan the SMART PAD and show the AR object.

Healthy Screen-time        Kid-friendly        No Ads or In-app Purchase        Experience it Offline too!

         Healthy Screen-time


         No Ads or In-app Purchase

         Experience it Offline too!


Parents who believe that Genions way of learning can transform how their kids learn and connect with
the world around them.

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